Volunteer opportunities at Friends of the Poor-Kasese (FOP-K) are varied and involvement can range from a few days to a few months or longer or anything in between. We’re often in need of skilled volunteers to help support our work in the different communities of our services. These positions generally require some previous work experience or relevant qualifications and, of course, a shared commitment to our goals.
We have been working with other local organizations, partners, volunteers, interns, and professionals. All our projects were inclined to ensuring the betterment of the community. We welcome interns, volunteers, and those individuals or organizations interested in helping carry out the mission of the organization to work with us and work with the rural communities in need. We normally have our programs set up in the course of Mondays to Fridays where each day’s activity depends on the days’ schedule. Our approach allows our volunteers to have freedom of choosing a project to build on and advance it to a self-sustainable stage.