Among our great achievements since establishment, with the meager resources, FOP-K has;

1) Established free Internet services in Kinyamaseke at our offices to support community access development information with ease and near distances, this is so far serving students, women and staff from different other development partners, we plan to scale up these services by setting up remote set-light centers in areas of need. The project supported by INTERNET FOR HUMANITY - CANADA who contributed to the purchase of computers including the necessary accessories and the internet gadgets so as to reach out to the school children and women in the rural settings.

2) Been able to conduct 03 integrated Community Outreaches to help needy households access much needed survival services. The outreach enabled us reach 165 individuals, comprising of 46 OVC (31 female; 15 male) and 119 adults (41 female; 78 male) from Bukonzo south-Kasese district. During these outreaches, community members were educated about child abuse, various forms of violence against children, reporting mechanisms, legal redress, the role of parents (caregivers) and community members in child protection, income generating activities and food security like how to make kitchen gardens.

3) Roll out of the community food store model: FOP-K has also introduced the Community Food store model an initiative to serve as a consumption support initiative to address food and nutrition challenges within the short and medium terms among critically vulnerable households. We have been able to identify field community volunteers from the selected Sub counties in the Kasese district. The training was aimed at equipping the team with skills required in setting up and managing community food stores. The community food stores will collect food stuffs from well-wishers/donors within the community and distribute to identify critical vulnerable households.

4) Formation of and Support to VSLA (Village Saving and Lending Associations), in 2019, FOK-K supported the formation of 12 VSLA groups in different parishes and to date we have formed 34 groups. This is attributed to the door to door mobilization used by field community volunteers that purposely target the most OVC households to join VSLA groups but also the existing groups that continue to influence the formation of new groups within the same communities through the demonstration effect.

5) With close supervision and support, the community field volunteers managed to conduct 802 household visitations across the planned 6 villages in Bukonzo county, during the visitations we offered psychosocial counselling and providing affordable material support including food items and clothes.

6) Held 15 Sub County level meetings with 255 married couples in Kasese district on the importance of faithfulness/marital fidelity in HIV prevention, which was a critical reflection on the reasons why the rampant increase of HIV among the married couples.

7) In the same way we were also able to conduct a training of 36 care-givers in will making / memory book writing and at the end of the training the trainees had developed draft wills and they promised to go and build on these to come up with final documents.

8) Facilitated and supported debate and essay competitions on domestic violence issues. The debate and essay competitions were conducted in schools and children shared their views about domestic violence prevention.

9) For food and nutrition we were able to distribute piglets to model farmers (15 animals were given out to women groups in Kasese district in the Rwenzori region).

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Among our great achievements since establishment, with the meager resource, FRIENDS OF THE POOR KASESE has; Read more


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