Health and Nutrition

    Key focus areas

    1) HIV/AIDS testing and counseling (through integrated community outreaches)

    2) Sexual and Reproductive Health education and health center support

    3) Mobilization of pregnant and lactant mothers for Maternity health care services..

    4) Nutritional programs.

    Uganda has a high teenage pregnancy rate due to limited access to reproductive health information and services, and the associated stigma and high cost for health services (Ministry of Education and Sports 2005, Upper primary students Handbook on HIV/AIDS). Nearly 10,000,000 people are considered to be living in poverty and about 2/3s of these are children (MGLSD 2006, National Policy and Strategy for OVC popular version). Children are not fully immunised by 12 months as recommended and many school going age children are not attending school. The current transition rate from primary to secondary school is still low, with disproportionate burden of girls failing to proceed to secondary education.
    To address the above, Friend of the Poor-Kasese will focus on delivering services in the areas of HIV/AIDS care and support, prevention of infection, impact mitigation and HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming. Focus will be put on providing financial and technical support to community groups that support orphans and other vulnerable groups and people living with HIV/AIDS in the areas of nutrition, income generation initiatives and psychosocial support including providing counseling, information on ART, promoting adherence to ART and referrals. FOP-K will also focus on the Most at Risk (MART) teenage youth such as street children and youth living in slums and at lake shores and landing sites

Support our Campaign

With focus on Kilembe and Karusandara Sub-counties, FOP-K is currently running a campaign to demand for financial and material support to enable us reach out to the population that lost lots of their property and currently being hosted in camps that are hard to leave in in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic requirements/guidelines by the Uganda Ministry of Health and WHO. At the moment people are struggling for survival and resettling with little or no attention being paid to the guidelines which puts their lives at risk.. Read more