Key focus areas

    1) Increasing access to education.

    2) Improving the quality of teachers and learning literacy.

    3) Improving child well-being by providing safe and encouraging learning environments.

    Education is at the heart of development and is key to breaking the poverty cycle, and improving health, nutrition, income and opportunities for all children
    We have developed an innovative approach aimed at improving the education of children in rural communities in Kasese through the Community Eduation Improvement Program that consists of:

    Improving the schools in the village through investments in basic facilities (buildings, desks), teaching materials.

    Teacher training, school visitations & teacher workshops.

    Teacher incentives (aiming to reduce absenteeism).

    Supply of books and teaching aids.

    Support for investments in school facilities and furniture.

Support our Campaign

With focus on Kilembe and Karusandara Sub-counties, FOP-K is currently running a campaign to demand for financial and material support to enable us reach out to the population that lost lots of their property and currently being hosted in camps that are hard to leave in in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic requirements/guidelines by the Uganda Ministry of Health and WHO. At the moment people are struggling for survival and resettling with little or no attention being paid to the guidelines which puts their lives at risk.. Read more