Agriculture and Environmental Conservation

    Key focus areas

    1) Value addition.

    2) Trainings in modern agriculture practices.

    3) Financial Managment and Leadership.

    Agriculture is Africa’s biggest employer. In Uganda mainlly looking at Kasese, 70% of the population and most people living in extreme poverty make a living from farming. Working with farmers growing crops, keeping livestock and managing fisheries.

    We help farmers make the most of their land.

    We share our expertise in growing the most appropriate and profitable crops.

    We provide training to smallholder farmers on modern farming practices to enable them produce more with little resources available to them.

    We train farmers on financial management and leadership skills to enable them plan and budget well for their finances.

    We help farmers access local markets cheaply for their agricultural products.

Support our Campaign

With focus on Kilembe and Karusandara Sub-counties, FOP-K is currently running a campaign to demand for financial and material support to enable us reach out to the population that lost lots of their property and currently being hosted in camps that are hard to leave in in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic requirements/guidelines by the Uganda Ministry of Health and WHO. At the moment people are struggling for survival and resettling with little or no attention being paid to the guidelines which puts their lives at risk.. Read more