In 2019, Friends of the Poor-Kasese (FOP-K) was fully registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) not-for-profit sharing by the NGO Board in Uganda and thus fulfills all the mandated requirements to operate at a national level.

Friends of the Poor-Kasese (FOP-K) was established in 2017 as a Community Based organisation to respond to the plight of children, youth and women in the rural milieus who had been negatively impacted greatly by the ADF war and HIV/AIDS in western Uganda, particularly the Rwenzori region. The main strategy looks at empowering them to live a fulfilling life through our different programs including education promotion and support, Health and nutrition, Human rights; Agriculture and environmental conservation. This to enable us join hands with the Government and other development partners to bring positive and sustainable development among less privileged households and communities.

Our focus is to develop a sense of belonging to all regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity in partnership with other development partners including; Religious and cultural institutions, individuals, organizations and the different government structures. FOP-K places her emphasis on building a strong network that seeks to create a better Standard of Living for all and uplifting the children from the poor families especially the Orphans and other vulnerable Children (OVCs) through social activities as a process towards achieving child empowerment and brightened life for all in their future. Read more

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What we stand for

To empower women, youth, children and communities in the Rwenzori region to overcome socio-economic and culturalRead more

Key Milestones

Among our great achievements since establishment, with the meager resource, FRIENDS OF THE POOR KASESE has; Read more


To eradicate the youth on drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and other diseases both communicable and non-communicable Read more